About Miriam

My name is Miriam Burger.
As a professional Musician, I have worked in the Creative Arts on diverse international projects; as a Medical Doctor in Pain Therapy, Psychiatry, Public Health, and certified in Global Health Delivery at Harvard University. 
The symbiosis of these seemingly divergent fields is my home.

I love playing the Therapeutic Gong and Violin, creating music that supports your innate self-healing properties. I also aim at the integration of transformational and creative tools for health and education while supporting the Sustainable Development Goals SDG #3 and #4.

At Sound And Health, my team and I envision a platform and reference for music, medicine - and sound health. 
We support health literacy and definitions of health towards prevention and beneficial lifestyle choices. 
Let's strive for a culture of reconnection, transformation, and conscious growth to foster wellbeing and societal development in an increasingly complex world.