Resources for Resilience & Perspectives 


At Sound And Health, we hold space for you - in our hearts and minds - as together we experience dramatic changes in our daily lives from the pandemic. We are providing opportunities to lift up our shared humanity and to foster both individual wellbeing and collective flourishing - to support the culture we wish to live in. 
Sound And Health is actively developing efforts to have wider reach and impact on contemporary issues.

Data Analysis  

  • It’s time we start asking the hard questions: The strategy that we are adopting needs to be as multi-dimensional as are the threats posed by this pandemic, and should not discard mental health, wellbeing, quality of life, and long term ramifications of anxiety and economic hardship. A report by Imad Riachi

Healthy Mindset & Body

  • Travel the world with live stream cameras: From Patagonia to South Africa to Yosemite, visit some of our favorite places on the planet in real-time via live webcams—and start dreaming of where you want to go when we can travel again.

Mental Health

Sustainable Development Goals

COVID-19 Curriculum

This list is subject to regular updates. 

Miriam Burger, MD Cert GHD, is an independent health & arts professional, part of several academic networks including the Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University, and an advisory board member at the World Health Innovation Summit. She works on enriching health literacy and definitions of health towards prevention and beneficial lifestyle choices. At Sound And Health, she and her team provide a platform and reference for music, medicine, and sound health.