About Miriam

Welcome to my virtual profile. I am glad that we personally met or that you found me online. I'd like to tell you a few words about me.

While my roots are Asian, I grew up in Germany and Austria. Since I can remember, I have been a "person between chairs". I have always lived with different cultures, places, and careers.  From the bottom of my heart I knew that we can all win if we learn from each other and unite different strengths. 
In my education and professions, I observed how pervasive imbalances are in our society. This led me to search for my own spiritual path, new horizons, and new solutions. I delved into philosophy, health, the power of creation, and field research to make my vision possible.
I traveled around the world to find and infuse new and ancient methods and wisdom into my work. These processes resulted in the founding and building of SOUND AND HEALTH. Sound And Health strives to live, teach and develop these insights.


As a professional Violinist & Musician, and Sound Immersion Artist, Miriam has worked in the Creative Arts on diverse international projects for the last 17 years, ranging from orchestras, rock-pop bands up to the Zurich, NYC, and L.A. film industry; 

As a Medical Doctor, she has clinically worked in Vienna and Zurich, in Pain Therapy, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Public Health, with foci in Psychiatry & Psychotherapy, Mind-Body Medicine, and Global Health Delivery at Harvard University, Cambridge/Boston.   

Sound And Health offers a platform and point of reference for sound, music, culture, and medicine. We support health literacy and definitions of health towards prevention and beneficial lifestyle choices - striving for a culture of reconnection, transformation, and conscious growth to foster wellbeing and sustainable societal development in an increasingly complex world.

Dr. Miriam Burger is trained/certified in

  • Classical Violin + Pop-Rock-Performance
  • Western Medicine (MD, Psychiatry & Psychotherapy, Clinical research)

Additional qualifications

  • Neurosomatic Reprogramming
  • Kundalini Gong Mastery 
  • Biofield Tuning 
  • Soundscaping
  • Music Theory
  • Sound Meditation
  • Stress Management
  • Burnout Management
  • Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching
  • Mind-Body Medicine 
  • Global Health Delivery (Harvard Univ.)

Sound And Health practices: 

  • Consciousness Practice 
  • Sound Art Immersion
  • Sound Meditation

  • Transformative Coaching
  • Stress Management
  • Burnout Management

In Sound Work, vibroacoustic frequencies develop their effect of fostering one's innate self-healing properties. Sound And Health integrates transformative and creative methods for health and education, supporting the sustainability goals SDG#3 #4 and #5 with various consulting mandates and collaborations with WHIS (for the U.N., Vatican, WHO) while fostering cross-sectoral work. 

We are embedded in/active partner of

  • Global Social Prescribing Alliance 
  • Concerts For Humanity (U.N.)
  • Vatican Covid-19 Commission Support Team
  • Academic institutions (Harvard Univ., Univ. Zurich, ZHDK, Univ. Geneva, ZHDK)
  • the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals Network to design Smart Cities Programmes 2020-2030

„Time is an invention of man. Once we understand how to play and master time, we live beyond our wildest imagination.“  

Dr.Miriam Burger (Eicher) MD, is a Medical Doctor for health, sound & music, with a holistic approach to health, and advances health literacy, and promotion towards prevention and beneficial lifestyle choices. 
She is an advisory board member at the World Health Innovation Summit, and a member of several international academic networks including the Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University,  ZHDK Zurich, University of Zurich, Medical University of Vienna.
Sound And Health, she provides a platform and reference for music, medicine, and sound health at the intersection of arts and sciences.