About Miriam

As a professionalViolinist and Musician, Miriam has worked in the Creative Arts on diverse international projects for the last 17 years, ranging from orchestras, rock-pop bands up to the L.A. film industry; 

As a Medical Doctor, she has clinically worked in Pain Therapy, Psychiatry, Travel Medicine, and Public Health in Vienna and Zurich, and certified in Mind-Body Medicine and Global Health Delivery at Harvard University, Cambridge/Boston.   

Miriam's work is cross-sectoral, with the Therapeutic Gong, Sound, and "Music Medicine" she underlines the role of music to foster one's innate self-healing properties. She is committed to the integration of transformative and creative methods for health and education and supports the sustainability goals SDG#3 and SDG#4 with various consulting mandates (for e.g. the U.N., the Vatican, WHIS).

At Sound And Health, Miriam and her team envision a platform and point of reference for music & arts, medicine, and sound health. She supports health literacy and definitions of health towards prevention and beneficial lifestyle choices - striving for a culture of reconnection, transformation, and conscious growth to foster wellbeing and sustainable societal development in an increasingly complex world.

Dr. Miriam Burger is trained and certified in:

  • Western Medicine 
  • Global Health Delivery 
  • Classical Violin & Music
  • Ayurvedic Coaching
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Stress Management
  • Burnout Management
  • Kundalini Gong Sound Mastery
  • Neurosomatic Reprogramming
  • Mind-Body Medicine (Western, Eastern, Clinical)

Dr.Miriam Burger, MD Cert GHD, is a practicing Medical Doctor for health & music, with a holistic approach to health, and advances health literacy, and promotion towards prevention and beneficial lifestyle choices. 
She is an advisory board member at the World Health Innovation Summit, and a member of several international academic networks including the Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University,  ZHDK Zurich, University of Zurich, Medical University of Vienna.
Sound And Health, she provides a platform and reference for music, medicine, and sound health at the intersection of arts and sciences.