The joy of the creative arts, particularly music performance, has accompanied her throughout her life. Miriam offers a vital track record in the creative arts, particularly in music performance. And though it's been an often demanding path, music has propelled creativity and emotional depth on the vocational journey.

Part of her skills is based on a broad experience with orchestra, soloist, and band projects in the last > 20 years. Her practice is based on over 11 years of professional training as a violinist since the age of 6, during which she successfully participated in national music competitions Jugend Musiziert. In her early 20s, experimental, pop, and rock music extended the practice, and improvisational music increasingly emerged from this period. A decade of involvement in pop-rock music followed, with pop violin arrangements and gypsy rock style. She worked as a freelance violinist in various formations on stage, in the studio (for the genres classical, pop-rock and theater), and wrote violin arrangements and co-compositions in the field of pop-rock music (Hallelujah, Cardiac Move, Helena Hallberg, Phil Ryan, and others). Today she is a violin substitute for the 21st Century Orchestra KKL Luzern, City Lights Concerts, and the Pepe Lienhard Orchestra (Udo Jürgens).  Besides the purely violinistic activity, she also pursued projects in the field of high-performance coaching (psychology/neuroscience/music), film projects (Krebsliga Schweiz; Fidelio, Mediafisch, Commercials), directors and composers (EU, USA) in which any kind of professional know-how flowed.

Photo above: ZHDK PCOZ Orchestra - chamber orchestra set.
Concert at Beijing University, during our China Tournee in 2015.  (photo by O. Burger)