Upcoming Events - 2022


In Q3 2022

Location: Campus Biotech, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Sound Baths & Sound Meditations - contact me for details!

Past Events - 2022


16 Januar 2022, 18:00 ― 20:00
Price: CHF 65.– pP, in person, ZURICH

Divya Yoga and Sound And Health.
Early Bird until 10. Dec 2021:  Book HERE

Movement, breathing and sound experience are the focus of this workshop.
We will enter through the body and the asana and pranaya map practice to tune into the deeply relaxing sound bath. We will create a powerful combination to regenerate and balance body, mind and spirit and reduce stress.
A sound bath is a deeply restorative and regenerating relaxation method using gongs, singing bowls, drums and other instruments. It combines the benefits of gentle sounds and lying meditation to strengthen the nervous system and return to inner balance.
Course prerequisites: no previous experience necessary, valid Covid certificate. The number of participants is limited.
Early Bird price: CHF 55.- for registrations until 10.12.2021  Regular price: CHF 65.-
More information
: divyayoga.chdrmiriamburger.com
Registration: Séverine Telley,  severine@divyayoga.ch
Follow us on Instagram: @divya_yoga_zurich  @sound.and.health

Course Instructor: 
Severine Telley

Severine is the found of Divya Yoga in Zurich. She aims to support people to get to know their body, mind and soul better thanks to yoga, so they can grow, develop their full potential and walk the world healthy and radiant. Severine is a MEMBER of the SWISS YOGA ASSOCIATION, HEALTH INSURANCE APPROVED*
* Whether health insurance companies pay a share of the yoga courses is additionally dependent on the health insurance company and the insurance policy.

Course Instructor: 
Dr. Miriam Burger

Miriam provides a platform and reference point for sound, music, and prevention & healthy lifestyle. She strives to create a culture of community, transformation, and conscious growth to sustain well-being and development in an increasingly complex world and society. As a professional musician and sound artist, she has worked in the creative industries on various international projects over the past 17 years. As a physician, she has had the privilege of working clinically in Vienna and Zurich in the fields of pain therapy, psychiatry, and in public health, with a focus on mental health, mind-body medicine, global health, and sound medicine.

Past Events - 2021

SOUND MEDITATION * at Kaiser:Innen Club

(Academy for Integrative Nutrition by Dr. Claudia Nichterl)

20. December 2021 


Location:  Online + Vienna, Austria

Workshop on Sound Meditation - virtual Sound Bath for the club members & students - Academy for Integrative Nutrition by Dr. Claudia Nichterl Vienna. Bringing together Health Professionals, Nutritionists, from all over Europe and Austria.


Dr. Janna Scharfenberg Academy

5.-8. November 2021 

Location:  Online + Zurich, Switzerland

Workshop on Gong Meditation and virtual Sound Bath for Ayurvedic students @ the online Ayurveda For Life community by Dr. Janna Scharfenberg. Bringing together Ayurvedic Expert, Western Medical Doctors, and other Health Professionals from all over Europe.

All year

1 on 1 
Groups (max 6 p.)

Location: Studio Sound And Health, Langackerstrasse 19, Zurich, Switzerland

Sound Baths & Sound Meditations - contact me for details!


Start: 07. August 2021

Every 4 months (depending on COVID-19) 

Location: Rudolfsplatz, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Sound Baths and Sound Meditations - private studio
Contact me for details on dates on locations. 
Next Sound Baths will take place in spring 2022.

Sound Meditation at * The Inner Vision Workshop


April-May 2021 

Location: ONLINE

A subconscious-reprogramming Sound Meditation in support of your FUTURE VISION - at the VISIONS Workshop held by the Transform Medicine Association.

Launch of our Sound Healing Basics Course


21 February - 30 March 2021

Location: Online

4 weeks course on Basic Knowledge on Sound Meditation and Sound Healing. Applications closed on 20. Feb 2021!

Past Events - 2020

"Arts 4 SDGs" Launch * WHO * United Nations

20. Oct 2020

Location: United Nations Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

with Isabelle Wachsmuth WHO, Head of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Innovation Summit CIC (UK), a.o.

Official launch of the "Arts For The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" Track, a collaboration of WHO - WHIS - UNGSII - Dicastery of Integral Human Development. In addition to Gareth Presch, CEO of WHIS, Miriam represented WHIS as a Music & Health SDG3 Expert Advisor at the launch of the "Arts 4 SDGs" for the U.N.

Creative Arts & Health * for the Sustainable Development Goals

27. September 2020

Location: Online Global WHIS Expert Talks

Speaking at WHIS Talks on the Creative Arts & Health and how we can bring them in for SDGs, joined by leading experts:

  • Dr. Beat Stoll, Global Health Institute, University of Geneva
  • Dr. Miriam Burger, Sound & Health, SDG3/WHIS
  • Gareth Presch, CEO World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS)

Coping strategies for Mental Wellbeing * during COVID-19

20. Sept 2020

Location: World Health Innovation Summit - WHISTalks

Speaking at WHIS Talks on Mental Wellbeing and Arts & Health, joined by leading experts:

  • Christopher Bailey, WHO
  • Lene Elisabeth Søvold, Clin. Psychologist, Norway
  • Dr. Neela Shabde, Pediatrician, NHS
  • Dr. Manuela Boyle, Integrative Medicine, SDG3/WHIS 
  • Dr. Miriam Burger, Sound & Health, WHIS
  • Gareth Presch, CEO World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS)


United Nations * SDG 25+5 Cities Conference

September 2020

Location: Klagenfurt, Austria

Attending as WHIS Advisory Board member at the U.N. SDG Cities Conference in Klagenfurt. My focus will lie at the intersection of music, sound, and health for prevention and lifestyle.

Dr. Janna Scharfenberg * Ayurveda Online Event

"Create Your Balance Within"

September 2020, Zurich  

Location.: Online, Dr. Janna Scharfenberg - In Good Health Academy,

Participation POSTPONED

Planned Workshop on Gong Meditation and Health Applications. Joining the Online Ayurveda Event "Create your Balance within" with Dr. Janna Scharfenberg, Ayurvedic and Western Doctors, and other Health Professionals from Switzerland and Germany 

 SAM 2nd International Conference * on Mental Health

23.-25. September 2020
Location: Geneva, Switzerland + Online 
Participation POSTPONED 

Planned Opening the „2nd International Conference on Mental Health“ through a Gong Meditation, for the Swiss Alternative Medicine Geneva.


GONG Special * FULL MOON Sound Bath

09. March 2020
Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Full Moon Sound Bath in Zurich (Virgo Supermoon)
Please PM for reservations and further information (max. 10 persons)

Gong Sound Baths * with TRE® (Trauma Releasing Exercises)

Every Thursday
March 2020
Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Workshops with Kathrin Fischer lic.phil. - we are combining therapeutic Gong Sound with Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) at Nandala Yoga in Zurich (This is an Advanced Course)

United Nations *  SDG 25+5 Cities Conference - World Economic Forum 

21-24. January 2020
Location: Davos
, Switzerland

Miriam is participating as an SDG3 expert at the World Health Innovation Summit at the U.N. SDG Frontrunners Conference at WEF Davos. Her focus: the intersection of music, sound and health with the goal of educating and integrating of transformative music and sound tools for prevention & holistic health.

Past Events - 2019

Medical Visiting Days * at the Association Médicale Franco Asiatique (AMFA)

Month of December 2019
Location: Ngapali & Thandwe, Myanmar

Visiting Doctor at the First Aid Office, Medical Practice, and Medical infrastructure in Thandwe Region of Myanmar. 

50th  Anniversary  Gala Event * FBM Group Switzerland

05.December 2019
Location: Zurich/Switzerland

Performing Violinist, with the Pepe Lienhard Jazz Band for the 50 years Anniversary Gala of FBM in Zurich. The Anniversary was celebrated by numberless Swiss music stars and the entertainment scene, among them SEVEN Music, Pepe Lienhard, etc.

Gong Sound Bath Series * Switzerland 

Starting with November 2019
Location: Studio Gartenbaustrasse 20, Zurich, Switzerland

Miriam conducts a Gong Sound Bath Series, together with Gong Master Teresa Tsang (Hong Kong). Please PM for reservations (max. 2 persons per session).

Gong Sound Bath * Guest at   Barry Goldstein's 2019 Retreat

Mid October 2019
Location: Tuscany/Italy

Miriam conducts an exclusive outdoor Gong Meditation Session at Barry Goldstein's  Sound Healing Retreat for an international group of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Donese Worden and Sound Healing students.

Gong Sound Baths *  Individual sessions 

From August 2019 ongoing 
Location: Thun and Zurich, Switzerland

For Gong Sound Bath reservations and further questions please PM
Individual Sessions are available. Locations: 
January 2020 - ongoing: Zurich CH
! December: closed
October/November: Zurich CH
August/September: Thun CH

Live Concert *  Chiara Dubey *  Locarno Film Festival 

4. August 2019
Location: Locarno, Switzerland

Miriam performs as a violinist, for the wonderful Singer-songwriter Chiara Dubey; presenting her latest work live on stage at the vibrant Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland.  

Gong Puja Night * Red Doors 

July 2019, Hong Kong

Miriam joins as a Gong Therapist, at a full Gong Puja Night Session with Studio Red Doors and a joint group of Gong Masters.

Medical Joint Day *  Jandeok Clinics for Western Medicine and Oriental Korean Medicine 

09.April 2019 
Location: Seoul/South Korea

Miriam participates in a Joint Day with the outstanding team (from Kyung Hee University a.o.), on Integrative Medicine meeting Western and Eastern concepts.   

Visiting Week *  at the Development Aid Projects of Vereinlife

Month of December 2018
Location: Mindat/Myanmar

Miriam visits the education infrastructure, elderly housing projects and schooling system of our colleague Roman Saxer and Vereinlife Switzerland.

Live Music Session and Visiting Day * at Disney Theatrical Group, Broadway NYC

August 2018
Location: Broadway, New York City/NY

Miriam participates in the Disney Theatrical Group as Violinist / Musician for a special Music Collaboration!