Miriam Lee Burger

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Welcome! I'm Miriam and Sound & Health is my project at the intersection of global health, mental health, music, sounds, and sensory perception, embedded in an experimentally driven network. As a physician, musician, sound therapist, global health MD, and mental health tech consultant, I am a problem solver and on a mission to amplify human potential. As an SDG 3 advocate for health innovation and sustainability at the World Health Innovation Summit, I worked on mandates for Pope Francis COVID-19 commission's team in 2020, UNGSII 25+5 SDG Cities Leadership Platform at World Economic Forum Davos and World Urban Forum 11, Arts-for-SDGs projects with World Health Organization, and the Global Social Prescribing Alliance, among others. My latest publication covered suggestions for COVID-19-related strategic priorities of the Swiss healthcare system.

As an MD and researcher, I worked clinically in Vienna and Zurich in the fields of pain therapy at the University Hospital Vienna AKH, and in mental health and global health at the University of Zurich,  University of Geneva, and Harvard University, Cambridge USA.

As a professional violinist, the creative arts have been my expressive tool.  Since 2005,  I have worked on various international projects ranging from classical orchestras to rock-pop bands to the film industry in Zurich, New York, and Los Angeles, and have grown a diverse ecosystem around me. 

I began with meditation & sound practices on a quest to understand human nature. Music & sounds are ways to experience our sense of self. Over the past decade, I have gradually gained extensive knowledge and countless in-person and/or remote training as a sound & meditation practitioner,  - with internationally recognized teachers and programs such as meditation teachers Sadhguru, Sharon Salzberg, Peg Baim, MS, ANP-BC, Joan Halifax, Jon Kabat Zinn, Don Conreaux, Olga Klimecki and many others around the globe.

Following my roots, I spent extensive phases in different cultural contexts, especially in Asia, on my journey beyond what meets the eye. Reconnection widened my horizon in many ways. I recognize deep meaningfulness in striving for a culture of reconnection, transformation, and conscious growth - to promote sustainable social development and foster connectedness in an increasingly complex world.

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Work Vitae

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  • 2019 - ongoing
    Zurich-based Studio "SOUND AND HEALTH by Dr. Miriam Lee Burger"
    Online Services, Sound Meditation, Sound Bath, Soundscapes (in-house composition, production, live performance). Past Clients: Dr. Janna Scharfenberg Academy, Dr. Claudia Nichterl Academy, SDG Lab WEF Davos, and individuals. 

  • 2005 - ongoing
    Independent Music Professional
    : full professional violinist
    aka Miriam Lee Eicher. Worked internationally in EU/USA, i.e. Vienna, London, NYC, L.A., and Zurich for film, commercial, orchestras, concert galas, studio recordings, live events, and substituting violinist in world-class orchestras i.e. 21st Century Orchestra at KKL Lucerne, Berlin Youth Symphonics, Udo Juergens Orchestra, a.o. ; Performing in the genres: Classical, singer-songwriting, gypsy, pop-rock - performance, and writing pop-rock string arrangements. (More details) 


  • 2016 - 2018   
    RESIDENT PHYSICIAN + RESEARCH ASSOCIATE,  Infectious Diseases/Travel Medicine
    under Prof. Christoph Hatz, and Prof. Jan Fehr. Department of Public Health and Global Health, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute, University of Zurich, Switzerland

  • 2013 - 2015   
    RESIDENT PHYSICIAN, Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
    Focus Depression and Stress-related mood disorders, brain health and music, CBT-psychotherapy. Clinic Schlössli, Clienia Private Clinics for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Teaching Hospital, Canton Zurich




  • 2022 - Today
    ADVISOR, in Mental Health Technologies, for
    Convergence Partners Venture Capital
    Convergence Partners is a Swiss venture capital and cross-border acceleration firm for Germany, China, India, and the US. We currently focus on Digital Health, Medtech, and Diagnostics. Our current investment focus is on EU HealthTech startups. 

  • 2019 - Today    
    ADVISOR, at the intersection of Mental Health/Global Health/Music + SDG3 for WHIS
    at NPO World Health Innovation Summit, UK (WHIS) Due diligence and strategic advisory on healthcare-related creative and musical projects and startups. 

  • 2016 - 2017 
    MEDICAL FILM CONSULTANT, 8 Cancer Campaign Films with the Swiss Cancer League
    Music & Film Content Strategy,  together with Mediafisch, Fidelio Films & The Swiss Cancer League, Zurich, Switzerland, Special Program for the Zurich Film Festival 2017-2019

  • 2015 - 2016 
    MEDICAL DOCTOR, We Me Academy Program (High-Performance Coaching Program)
    Co-Author & Developer and responsible for medical/neuroscientific/music content; with Ex-President of the Swiss Athletics Federation Patrick K. Magyar,  Zug, Switzerland


Academic Vitae 

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  • 2018   
    Harvard University,
    Cambridge/Boston. Postgraduate Certification 2018, magna cum laude (GPA 3.72). 
    Global Health Program on Management, Epidemiology, and casework in Global Health. In-depth training led by global health specialists and business leaders from Harvard Business School, Harvard Medical School, Harvard T.H. Chan School for Public Health, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Last Mile Health, Abundance Foundation, Global Seed, etc. 
    Unique composition of hands-on and theoretical framework training. In-person, selection/admission-based program. Spearheaded by Prof. Paul Farmer, and Prof. Rebecca Weintraub. 

  • 2002 - 2003
    BIOCHEMISTRY, Guest Student, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany


  • 1990 - 1994
    VIOLIN, Junior student
    age 5y, Suzuki Method at the Public Music School Fürth, Germany

Beyond Academia

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  • 2023 ÖWF Analog Mission Basic Training, Vienna
  • 2023 Shape the Future, Praevenire Digital Health Symposium Vienna
  • 2022 Awareness Lectures ALPS Conference Bern
  • 2022 Science of Consciousness Conference, Tucson Arizona 
  • 2022 Cymatics Follow-up Course, remote with Acoustic Physicist John Stuart Reid, UK
  • 2021 Online Business MBA, SIGRUN Academy
  • 2020 Arts for SDGs, UN Headquarters, with WHIS & WHO
  • 2020 Cymatics Course, remote with Acoustic Physicist John Stuart Reid, UK 
  • 2019 - 2020 Ayurvedic Coach Certification, Dr. Janna Scharfenberg Academy, Zurich
  • 2019 Integration Workshop, MIND Foundation Berlin
  • 2019 Insight Conference, MIND Foundation Berlin
  • 2019 Gong Mastery, Singing Bowls, Sound Healing Trainings, School of Yogi Bhajan/Don Conreaux/Martha Collard, China, Thailand, Singapore
  • 2019 Tuning-Forks-based Sound Healing TrainingInst. of Biofield Tuning USA (+Scotland)
  • 2019 Meditation Workshop, in-person with B. Goldstein, Italy
  • 2018 Ethnocultural non academic research in Asian LMICs
  • 2018 Buddhist Temple Stays, SE Asia, East Asia 
  • 2017 Meditation Workshop, in-person with J. Dispenza, Switzerland
  • 2017 Inner Engineering Training, ISHA Foundation, Sadhguru
  • 2016 Meditation Workshop, in-person with J. Dispenza, Spain
  • 2015 NSR Training (Bartu Method), Switzerland
  • 2015 DGPPN Conference Berlin
  • 2014 SGPP Conference Basel
  • 2013 DGPPN Conference Berlin
  • 2013 SGPP Conference Bern
  • 2011 Acupuncture Training, Österr. Gesellschaft für Akupunktur, Austria
  • 2011-ongoing Meditation Training at diverse schools, incl. conferences, and online schools;  teachers Sadhguru, Sharon Salzberg, Peg Baim, MS, ANP-BC, Joan Halifax, Jon Kabat Zinn, Don Conreaux, Olga Klimecki, and many others. 
  • Vedic and Korean Traditions


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  • Digital Sound Baths | Relaxation Soundscapes | Sound Meditation | Composition, Production, Live Performances
  • In-person, remote (corporate, well-being academies, wellness studios, medical practices)
  • Mentor and Teacher for Sound-Meditation

We are embedded in/or an active partner of local and healthcare stakeholders:

  • Primary care, complementary medicine, and specialists in Switzerland and the U.K.
  • Zurich: Yoga Studios, Leadership Networks, Public Health Networks
  • WEF Davos, SDG-Champions Conference (UN/UNGSII, World Health Innovation Summit), in 2020 + 2022
  • Concerts For Humanity SDG-Project (UN/UNGSII, World Health Innovation Summit), in 2020
  • We are linked to academic institutions (Alumni Harvard Univ., ZHDK, Univ. of Geneva, Medical Univ. of Vienna)
  • Team member of the World Health Innovation Summit CIC (WHIS); collaborating on the UN-Habitat SDG-Cities Flagship Program, conceptualizing new approaches to prevention and well-being, i.e. the Global Social Prescribing Alliance (GSPA)
  • SDG3 expert team member for the UNGSII COVID-19 Newsletter to the Vatican's COVID-19 Commission, Italy, 03-06/2020

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