N E W S   &  E V E N T S


Sound & Health will join Convergence Partners at WEF 2024

Zurich/Geneva Oct 2023

Convergence Partners and Sound And Health will join the World Economic Forum Davos 15-19 January 2024. We call leaders, investors, changemakers to join our mission of redefining the mental health tech paradigm.

Dr. Burger joins Convergence Partners as Advisor and Impact Lead for Brain/Mental Healthtech 

Zurich/December 2022

  • Dr. Burger supports due diligence activities in the areas of well-being-, mental health-, and health technology. Her approach is based on her vision of a salutogenic, regenerative model of personalized health, with the goal of building more sustainable healthcare and improving health system capacity.  
  • Convergence Partners is a Swiss venture capital and cross-border acceleration firm. CP currently focuses on Brain Health Impact Funding. CP the exclusive VC partner of „Medical Valley“ in Nuremberg-Erlangen, the German government’s designated „Digital Health Center of Excellence“. www.convergence-partners.ch

Music and medicine: innovations by the next generation

Vienna/December  2022

  • The Austrian public health magazine Periskop reports on innovative, systemic solutions in medicine - and how Dr. Burger coined the term Sound Medicine. She shares insights about sustainability in the healthcare system, the power of music, and sound therapy for mental health and resilience. 

Podcast:  Medicine pioneers with Dr. Burger and Dr. Buff

Zurich/November 2022



  • Dr. Caroline Buff invites Miriam for a 2-part podcast!  We follow her story and how she combines music and medicine. New approaches and systemic solutions in medicine, and for every day. We shed a light on Global Health, Mental Health, and Musical Neurogenic Therapies. 

Creating Innovative Approaches

Vienna/October 2022 - MAGAZIN  (pp 6-7)

  • Austria's Public Health Magazine "Periskop" reports on nnovative, systemic solutions in medicine. Miriam talks about global health, science-policy programs and sounds for health and resilience.




Zurich/16 January 2022, 18:00 - 20:00

  • Movement, breathing and sound experience are the focus of this workshop. We will dive into the deeply relaxing sound bath through the body and the asana and pranayama practice. We will create a powerful combination to regenerate and balance the body, mind and spirit and release stress. 
  • A sound bath is a deeply restorative and regenerative relaxation method using gongs, singing bowls, drums and other instruments. It combines the benefits of gentle sounds and reclining meditation to relax the nervous system and restore inner balance.

  • Information: divyayoga.ch, drmiriamburger.com
  • Registration: Séverine Telley, [email protected]



at Kaiserinnen Club (Academy for Integrative Nutrition by Dr. Claudia Nichterl)

  • 20. December 2021 
  • Location:  Hybrid, Vienna, Austria
  • Workshop on sound meditation - virtual sound bath for the club members & students - Academy of Integrative Nutrition by Dr. Claudia Nichterl Vienna. Bringing together health professionals, nutritionists, from all over Europe and Austria.


NOURISH  YOURSELF * Ayurveda Online Event, Dr. Janna Scharfenberg Academy

  • 5.-8. November 2021 
  • Location:  Hybrid,  Zurich, Switzerland
  • Workshop on gong meditation and virtual sound bath for Ayurveda students of the Ayurveda For Life community by Dr. Janna Scharfenberg - where Ayurvedic and Western doctors, and health experts from Switzerland, Germany and Austria develop Ayurveda together!


Sound Meditation

Inner Vision Workshop, TRANSFORM MEDICINE Association

  • April-Mai 2021 

  • Location: ONLINE
  • A sound meditation to reprogram the subconscious mind to support your FUTURE VISION - at the Transform Medicine Association VISIONS Workshop.

Launch of our Sound Healing Basics Course! 

  • 21 February - 30 March 2021
  • Location: Online, Hybrid
  • 4 weeks hybrid group course on basics for beginners in Sound Meditation & Sound Healing
  • Exclusive 1:1 coaching offer for course participants

Sound Baths

After Winter break: from February 2021 in Zurich

  • 1:1  or GROUP , dependetn on Covid-19 Regulations
  • Location: Sound And Health Studio, Zurich

  • Private sessions, yoga + sounds, sound meditations.
  • We pay special attention to health and safety. Our services are implemented under cantonally prescribed measures for safety and hygiene in the private studio.


"Arts 4 SDGs" Launch 

20. Oct 2020, United Nations Headquarters, Geneva

  • Launch event of the "Arts For The Sustainable Development Goals" program, cooperation project of WHO - WHIS - UNGSII - Dicastery of Integral Human Development (Vatican). Besides Gareth Presch (UK), Dr. Miriam Burger represents WHIS as Sound, Music, Arts & Health Expert at the launch of the "Arts 4 SDGs" for the U.N., United Nations Headquarters, Geneva.

Creative Arts & Health for the Sustainable Development Goals 

27. Sept 2020 - Global  WHIS  Expert  Talks

  • Roundtable discussion at WHIS Talks (in English): on the interplay between the arts and health, and how we can bring this to bear on the SDGs:
  • Dr. Beat Stoll, Global Health Institute, UNIGE University of Geneva.
  • Dr. Miriam Burger, Sound & Health, SDG3 Expert World Health Innovation Summit
  • Gareth Presch, CEO World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS).

Coping strategies during COVID19 - Mental Wellbeing

20.Sept 2020 Global  WHIS  Expert  Talks

Roundtable discussion at WHIS Talks (in English): Mental Wellbeing, Arts & Health:

  • Christopher Bailey, WHO
  • Lene Elisabeth Søvold, Clin. Psychologist, Norway
  • Dr. Neela Shabde, Pediatrician, NHS
  • Dr. Manuela Boyle, Integrative Medicine, SDG3/WHIS 
  • Gareth Presch, CEO World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS).
  • Dr. Miriam Burger, Sound & Health, WHIS

United Nations - SDG 25+5 Cities Conference

Sept 2020 , Klagenfurt,  Austria

  • Participated as WHIS advisory board member at the U.N. SDG Cities conference in Klagenfurt. Dr. Burger's focus: Music, sound and health for prevention, wellness and lifestyle.

Ayurveda Online Event "Create Your Balance Within"  - by Dr. Janna Scharfenberg

September 2020

  • Workshop on Gong meditation and applications at the online Ayurveda event "Create your Balance within" with Dr. Janna Scharfenberg, Ayurvedic and Western health experts from Switzerland and Germany.  Participation postponed due to COVID-19.

SAM 2nd International Conference on Mental Health

23.-25. September 2020

  • Opening of the "2nd International Conference on Mental Health" with a Gong Meditation Session, for Swiss Alternative Medicine Geneva. Participation postponed due to COVID-19


GONG Special: FULL MOON Sound Bath

09. March 2020, Zürich (Virgo Supermoon)

  • Full moon gong sound bath in Zurich
  • Please use the contact form for reservations and further information (max. 10 persons)

Gong Sound Sessions with Traum Releasing Exercises TRE®

Thursdays, March 2020 , Zurich

  • together with Kathrin Fischer lic.phil. - we combine Gong Sound with Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) , at Studio Nandala Yoga in Zurich (this is a course for TRE advanced students)

U.N. SDG 25+5  Cities Conference

21-24. January 2020,  World Economic Forum WEF, Davos, Switzerland


Association Médicale Franco Asiatique (AMFA)
December 2019, Ngapali Thandwe, Myanmar (Burma) 

  • Visits to first aid office, doctor's office, and medical care/infrastructure in Thandwe region.

50th Anniversary Gala, FBM Group 
05. Dez 2019, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Violinist in the Pepe Lienhard Jazz Band - for the 50th Anniversary Gala FBM - the No.1 Musical and Theatre Spectacle Company in Switzerland

Gong Sound Bath Series 
November 2019, Zurich, Switzerland 

  • Conducting a Gong Sound Bath series, together with Gong Master T.Tsang (Hong Kong). Please use the contact form for reservations (max. 2 persons per session) 

Gong Sound Meditation with Barry Goldstein
October 2019 , Tuscany, Italy

  • Leading an exclusive gong meditation session at Barry Goldstein's sound healing retreat for an international group of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Donese Worden and Sound Healing students. 
  • Barry Goldstein   
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza   
  • Dr. Donese Worden  

Gong Sound Bath & Meditation - Sessions  
August - December 2019, Thun and Zurich, Switzerland

  • Gong sound bath and meditation, Individual sessions are also available. 
  • Please make reservations using the contact form.  


  • from January 2020 : Zurich 
  • December 2019: closed
  • October/November 2019: Zurich 
  • August/September 2019: Thun  

Live Concert with Chiara Dubey, La Rotonda, Locarno Film Festival
04. August 2019, Locarno, Switzerland

Gong Puja Night at Red Doors 
July 2019, Hong Kong

  • Internship Gong Meditation 
  • 10-hour Gong Puja night session at Studio Red Doors 
  • together with >10 Gong Masters from Hong Kong and Singapore.

Clinic Exchange Day at  Jangdeuk Korean Medicine Hospital  장덕한방병원 서초본원 대표 신광순 
and Jangdeuk Brain Health CenterSeocho Headquarters Shin Kwang-soon
April 2019, Seoul, South Korea

  • Visiting the hospital & specialized departments for brain health - with an introduction to Integrative Korean Medicine, Brain Health at the Integrative intersection of Western and Eastern Treatment Concepts, methodologies and technologies. Private Clinic.

Visiting Week at developmental projects by Vereinlife
December 2018, Mindat, Myanmar (Burma)

  • Visit to the educational and residential projects (orphanage & retirement home, boarding school) of Vereinlife CH

Exclusive invitation to the Disney Theatrical Group, Broadway League
August 2018, New York City, USA

  • Live music afternoon - as violinist - with the musical theatre team of Disney Theatrical Group, NYC