A societal evolution

And then came 2019 - and I started to work more consciously on the Sustainable  Development Goals #3 (Health) and #4  (Education) - with The World Health Innovation Summit,  UNO Expert platform on SDG 3 for Health and Wellbeing.

WHIS is a preventative healthcare platform for over 7 billion people and empowers people to improve their health and wellbeing by facilitating community engagement.

  • Health For All 
  • Create new meaningful jobs 
  • Improve people’s health and wellbeing while supporting our health service 
  • UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Global project SDG Cities 25+5

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WHIS are partners with the UNGSII Foundation whose mission is to assist and accelerate the SDG implementation process and ensure the world reaches its goal, at the latest by 2030.

The idea of the Global Sustainability Index Institute (UNGSII) supporting the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) springs from the belief shared by United Nations officials, senior business leaders, and NGOs that a transparent, academically driven index is needed to rank companies and countries on their sustainability practices. Learn more about #UNGSII here.