A holistic approach to health, prevention, and disease management: Art, music, culture: the creative spark

For centuries the sounds created in different cultural contexts - from flutes, gongs, sound bowls, didgeridoos, classical orchestras, many other instruments, and musical genres - have helped countless people to achieve harmonic synergies of mind, spirit, and body. Valuable knowledge on sound and music has always been existent, often ethereal in character and sometimes unnoticed by the mainstream, however always in action. With the 21st century, research is rediscovering a growing amount of this knowledge, and also its relation to energy practices.  I understand myself as a modern archeologist, searching for wisdom in uncommon fields, and as a catalyzing messenger, through documenting and building knowledge in creative ways. My mission is to help uncover the power of creative sound, music, and rhythms, harmonic phenomena in its ancient contexts, and bridging it to modern health and wellbeing. One thing I learned from early on is to expect the unexpected and stay openminded. 

Universal Sound

I perform with the Gong as a catalyst for energy and electricity. I personally benefited from music as a source of energy - nothing new to those who play or love music. We all know it, under our skin. That spark and fire that starts with music is the inspiration our consciousness translates to sparks of life. I love creating music that supports our health. As an Advisory SDG3 expert at the World Health Innovation Summit, I step up for the integration of such knowledge and tools. And when I talk of tools, I mean transformational and creative tools for health and education; nurturing each other to create sustainable perspectives. Drawing from current research and also ancient knowledge, I work on the best version of myself to contribute with passion and competence to the development of wellbeing. I believe in prevention as a key accelerator for both individual and societal performance, and thriving health systems.  

Eco over Ego

I deeply believe that communities are a driving force. Without my valued companions and mentors, I would not be where I continue today. I envision a culture of reconnection, transformation, and conscious growth in education, health, and society. Tackling the global goals of wellbeing and societal development means understanding global dynamics from a holistic and transdisciplinary point of view. ME and WE, the ecosystem and the greater universe, we are a unity of microcosms in the macrocosm, and we are interdependent. The future starts with our visions.