Available customized Advisory Tracks:

  • Advisory: in Academic and Non-academic Research & Development & Industrial Translation of Sound & Music applied in Health Tech.
  • Advisory: in Meditation, Consciousness Practices, Sensory Arts and Health (as a Highly Sensitive Individual).
  • Advisory: for Startups - with options for collaboration as Sonic Medicine Researcher and Expert.
  • Advisory beyond UN WHO taskforce activities: intergovernmental context, science-policy projects


Dr. Lee Burger offers several tracks for mentoring and advisory:

  • Career Mentoring: for MDs wanting to define a career beyond the clinic, beyond the conventional intramural pathways; 
  • Career Mentoring: within the spectrum of Global Health, Mental Health / Psychiatry/Psychotherapy, and Practice in Music Medicine, Sonic Medicine, and Sound Healing.
  • Career Mentoring: for Practitioners in Ayurveda, TCM, Korean Medicine, Western Medicine combined with Musical Practices.
  • Career Mentoring: for Musicians who combine their Musical Practices with Health interests.


At Sound And Health, We Know How To Create And Perform Art. The following services are available only via waiting list:

  • Music Production 
  • Licensing of Music Tracks
  • Production, customized for Well-being, Wellness, Meditation Music
  • Production for Classical and Pop-rock Music: customized, professional Violin Tracks
  • Network of professional musicians and artists incl. inhouse musical expertise 

Live performance with ancient instruments

At Sound And Health, We Know How To Create And Perform Live:

  • Introduction to the concept of Sound And Health - with a variety of instruments (Eastern/Western sourced)
  • Ancient Sound RItuals, Performances and Sound Art Immersion (on stage, open space)

Sound Bath, complementing your program

  • Event form:

1. Sound Bath Event  (Introduction to Yound baths, Leisure events, Celebrations, Workshops)
2. Sound Bath Meditation  (Yin & Restorative Yoga, Relaxation, Neditation, Retreats) 

  • Character:
  • 1:1  
  • Group
  • In-person  
  • Digital  


"I will recommend Dr. Burger's work to all my patients here in Zurich, because I feel that what she offers has an extremely positive effect on the nervous system and can really help people achieve deep states of neurological relaxation, triggering the body's natural autoregulatory processes and reducing pain and tension in the body. The human body is 80-85% fluid, and I felt that the vibrations of the gong and crystal bowls were extremely good at passing through fluids and improving the connection and communication between all the cells in my body.
If you are curious about discovering the healing power of sound baths, Miriam is the perfect person for you. She has an incredible selection of high-quality crystal bowls and gongs. She knows exactly what she is doing and the results I have felt confirm that."

Sebastian Bartu

CEO & Founder of the Bartu NSR METHOD 

"My mentoring session with Dr. Burger has furthered my interest in the field of sound medicine and research. As a current sound meditation practitioner and facilitator, I admire and respect Dr. Burger's encouragement to not only continue to learn more, but to also be an active participant in the area of research. She is highly knowledgeable, open minded and thought provoking. She was very generous with her time and feedback. I look forward to working with her again, and would recommend anyone interested in being coached in this space to do the same."

Julie Habelmann

Founder of Noble Tones USA

"I have delved into gong playing through Miriam's compact course Gong Mastery Basics and gained deep insight into the world of sounds and vibrations. I was particularly impressed by Miriam's inexhaustible knowledge from scientific, medical, ethnocultural, psychological, energetic and spiritual backgrounds and the linking of all this content.

I enjoyed every single lesson and now know a variety of gong playing techniques and their possible applications. I also know how to create a deeply relaxing and healing gong session for my coaching clients. I wholeheartedly recommend Miriam from the bottom of my heart and am happy to now be able to offer individual Gong Baths in a wonderful villa in Berlin."

Claudia Kaminski

Coaching & Imaginary journeys

Kaminski Coaching in Berlin

"Dear Miriam, such a great sound meditation with you today. Thank you! For me this was the 1. time having a digital Sound Bath, and I can well imagine that directly in the room with the instruments again more intense effect. As if one would be carried away by the vibrations!"

Dr. med. Beatrice Maxi Borchard, MD

Board-certified specialist in Psychiatry & Psychotherapy 

Founder of Minerva Med, Switzerland

"I highly recommend the sound, vibration & healing experience with Dr. Miriam Burger. She combines her years of experience and knowledge as a physician with her phenomenal skills as a musician (violinist) and her in-depth knowledge and research in the field of sound healing. 
 I have taken sound baths before, but what Miriam offers is an exceptionally powerful practice.  The way Miriam guided me into the sound bath journey caused a realignment of my entire body on a cellular and emotional level. Her warm and compassionate manner made me feel very safe and confident.
At the end of the sound bath, I felt a deep sense of connection with every single cell in my body, a deep sense of well-being, relaxation and inner harmony. The tension in my shoulder dissolved and I felt a lightness that ran through my whole body."

Sebastian Bartu

CEO & Founder of the Bartu NSR METHOD 

"I want to share with you what an incredibly mind-blowing experience I had with Dr. Miriam Burger: She spontaneously gave me a sound healing session. I can not even describe it - I am moved, touched, blissed out, deeply relaxed, recharged, inspired and motivated.  It was so great... I highly recommend her - go check her out here on Instagram, and keep an eye on all that what's to come! I want to repeat, Miriam, that I am incredibly grateful and blissed-out."


Dr. med. Sabine Egger, MD

Board-certified specialist in Anesthesiology

Founder of Mind your body, free your mind 

"I had the great fortune to do some mini-coaching with Miriam. At that time I was in the process of reorienting myself and going deeper into the topic of sound and health. Miriam gave me valuable impulses and tips for my further professional development and deepened my knowledge about some medical research results. I am grateful for the coaching with her and the "female empowerment". It gave me a motivational boost to continue my path with Ayurveda, Pranayama and sound healing."

Sabrina Linn

Ayurveda, Sound, Breathwork

Founder of Soul & Living

"Dear Miriam, thank you so much for this great session. It is exactly what I needed this morning. It was incredibly beautiful and relaxing." 

Dr. med. Sabine Schindler, M.D.

Board-certified specialist in General Medicine, 

Hausarztpraxis Dr. med. Sabine Schindler, Germany