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Dr. Miriam Burger MD 

Dr. Miriam Burger MD is a Harvard-trained physician who works with sound and music and has a background in psychiatry, mind-body medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine. She is also a professional violinist, sound therapist, meditator and Kundalini Gong master. Miriam consults and develops music+health projects as part of health systems innovation (projects: UNO SDG Concerts for Humanity, Arts for Health with WHIS + WHO, Sound Meditations at the World Economic Forum, among others). She is currently presenting her methods to academia to develop frameworks for the emerging field of sound medicine. She founded "Sound And Health", a sound therapy practice in Zurich and an online platform for sound, music, medicine and health, where together we create a universal narrative of health and personalized medicine with a new holistic understanding of human nature and context. This includes music, art, nature, ancient wisdom and other relevant socio-cultural building blocks as vessels for social opportunity, equity and innovation.

With a combination of Integrative Sound Medicine & Transformative Personal Coaching, Miriam practices personalized health through the integration of holistic and scientific methods. These methods embrace principles from Music, the Biomedical Sciences incl. Psychotherapy & Neurosciences, Mind-Body-Medicine, as well as the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and TCM, and the bioenergetic, biophysical quantum principles of nature, the cosmos, and spirituality. Integrative Sound Medicine directly targets the nervous system, and cellular dynamics; catalyzing emotional shifts, mindset transformation, physical changes, and promoting overarching laws of nature in health and wellbeing. Therapeutically, clients of all ages and concerns are embedded in a broad professional network and benefit from sound meditation, regaining vitality and energy.

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