Sound Journey

Before any session, a health and psychological suitability assessment is done.
Sound Journeys are Sound Baths that take you on a journey - a guided or imaginative journey. This can be your own inner journey as inner images arise during a sound journey, or a meditation journey guided by me.

Come on a journey into your consciousness while relaxing in a safe space. You will be immersed in a world where space and time expand. The sessions take place in a protected & relaxed environment, lying down, comfortably covered in a blanket, and wearing an eye mask. You listen to different sounds while the journey takes place. 
In Sound journeys we use Gongs, singing bowls, and other instruments which are vibroacoustic tools guiding your body and mind into deep relaxation. Sound journeys support your subconscious, helping to release blockages. A moment for your body, mind, and spirit to gain harmony.  During a professional sound journey, you will be immersed in a wide spectrum of sounds that will put your brain into restful, meditative states: Your brain enters a deep state of meditation, leading to relaxation and creative inspiration. 

On a physiological level, your body benefits from various sound-related effects. At the cellular level, sound unfolds its effect through intra- & intercellular mechanisms. Your autonomic nervous system experiences profound relaxation. These effects influence your sound journey.