Transformative Personal Coaching

for Health Care Professionals & Musicians (experienced or in training/students)

"As within, so without."

You are a Health Care Professional, one in training, a healthcare student, or a Musician / Music student... and have been asking yourself if you're on the right professional track? You have noticed that something is not right under current circumstances, but you cannot fully point your finger on it? You have thought about getting support to figure out which is the right next step? Do you wish to improve and transform your energy management, to actually feel vital again and live up to your full personal spectrum?

Embedded in Mind-Body Medicine, Sound, Psychotherapy, and Science, my personal coaching is based on your personality, professional background, and personal development. With years of experience in medicine, health care, coaching, mind-body medicine, music, and a track record in cross-sectoral health care professions I will support your development in the best possible way.
You can book a free discovery call, a single test session 1:1, and my coaching over a longer period of time.

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