What is Sound Meditation?

A sound meditation is an immersive sound experience 

that combines meditation, music, sound, and trauma release.

Sound Meditation is an immersive sound experience of ancient and modern instruments like Gongs, Singing Bowls, drums, and many other instruments. Sound Meditation is a form of meditation, combining the benefits of gentle sounds and guided meditation.

A Sound Meditation session combines mindfulness practices, breathwork, and coherence training, carrying your mind into a meditative state, with the possibility of taking you into states of brainwave entrainment that are usually found in experienced meditators. 
It is assumed that the harmonics of low frequencies and overtones, and binaural dynamics effortlessly carry your vigilant mind into a meditative state. It is also assumed that the low-frequency vibrations developing from the instruments enter your body to release tension.


How does a Sound Meditation work?

No specific experience, preparation, or clothing is needed for a Sound Meditation. Whatever you feel comfortable in is suited, as we lie down on yoga mats, fitness mats, or a comfortable place with a warming cover and eye mask.

During a Sound Meditation, you lie with eyes closed (or eye mask), and the facilitator creates gentle sounds that bathe you. You listen to the low-frequency sounds of traditional and modern instruments. The soothing sounds and musical dynamics carry you into a meditative state. Sound Meditation instruments vibrate in frequency ranges that are assumed to carry your mind into Alpha-, Theta- and Delta-Wave states, and even Gamma ranges. Sound has been observed to work like an “elevator” towards meditative states. You might experience translucent moments, synaesthesia, physical sensations, or plain relaxation - the range is broad. By the end of a session, you will feel deeply relaxed, light, balanced, calm, and at ease.

What happens during a session?

The session starts out with arriving, getting settled for the sound bath, a brief introduction, and short guided meditation including breathwork to help you settle into the experience. The instruments will then be played for 30-90 minutes. You sit or lie comfortably and listen to the various sounds. The session concludes with silence, to let the experience settle, followed by a guided outro to guide you back and let you adjust to the present moment.

Virtual Sound Meditation

Imagine giving your eyes and mind a rest, simply and gently. A virtual session is a great way to take a break from your Home-office, laptop, or cell phone screen. You want to be in a space where you are not interrupted by others or by loud noise. You need headphones, a comfortable place to lie down, and a safe spot where you can close your eyes and listen.  We want to create a relaxed space during the session to reach a state of calm and ease. it is important that you wear headphones to get the most out of your virtual session. 

Use the following links for virtual Sound Meditations:

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