Our greatest wealth is our well-being.

Following up with a holistic approach to health, prevention, and disease management involving art, music, culture, and creativity.

For centuries, sounds produced in various cultural contexts-from flutes, gongs, singing bowls, didgeridoos, classical orchestras, many other instruments, and musical genres-have helped countless people achieve harmonious synergy of mind, spirit, and body. Valuable knowledge about sound and music has always been present, often ethereal in character and sometimes unnoticed by the mainstream, but always in action. In the 21st century, research is rediscovering more and more of this knowledge and its relationship to energy practices. Miriam sees herself as a modern archeologist, searching for wisdom in unusual fields, and as a catalyzing ambassador, documenting and building knowledge in creative ways. Her mission is to discover the power of creative sounds, music, rhythms, harmonic phenomena in their ancient contexts, on physiological and cellular levels, and to connect them with modern applications for health and well-being. New applications are a major inspiration for Miriam. She has worked in clinical medicine, research, public health, and as a musician, following her interest in psychoneuroimmunology and biophysics (cellular physics, biofield). As the Rishis knew, the human body as a microcosm is in harmony with the universe as a macrocosm. If we understand and accept this dynamic, we will find a more harmonious and healthy life.

Universal Sound

Miriam performs with the gong as a carrier of energy and electricity. She creates sounds that enhance well-being. She has personally benefited from music as a source of energy - nothing new for those who play or love music and we all know music gets under our skin. As a consulting SDG3 expert at the World Health Innovation Summit, Miriam advocates for the integration of such knowledge and tools. And when she talks about tools, she means transformative tools for health. Drawing from both current research and ancient knowledge, she works to create the best version of sounds by contributing to the development of wellness with passion and expertise. Miriam believes in wellbeing as a key factor in individual and societal performance, as well as thriving healthcare systems.

Eco over Ego

Miriam firmly believes that communities are a driving force. A culture of reunification, transformation, and conscious growth - throughout educational systems, health and society. Addressing the global goals of well-being and societal development. Understanding global dynamics from a holistic and transdisciplinary perspective. ME and WE, the planetary ecosystem, are a unity of microcosms and macrocosms, and we are interdependent. The future is about synergies and sustainability.