Dr. Miriam Lee

Sonic Scientist & Neuromusician

Dr. Lee is on a mission to amplify human potential. She is a Sonic Scientist & Expert in Sound Medicine, Global Health embedded Psychiatrist-Physician, and was in a former life a Concert Violinist. Her personalised sound healing method based on ancient traditions and digital neuromusic are used in collaboration with focus groups in the areas of health, well-being and prevention. 


Sound & Health is a project by Dr. Miriam Lee Burger MD, at the intersection of global health, mental health, music, and sensory processing, embedded in an experimentally driven network.  Dr. Lee has worked on a variety of projects: from the World Health Innovation Summit on health innovation and sustainability mandates in support of the Pope Francis COVID-19 commission in 2020, to the 25+5 SDG Cities Leadership Platform at the World Economic Forum Davos 2020, 2022, at the World Urban Forum 11, 2022, as well as Arts-for-SDGs projects with the World Health Organization, and  the Global Social Prescribing Alliance, among others. Dr Lee is active in research and development and is developing new insights into how sound vibrations and music can influence our nervous system, various conditions and different states of consciousness.

Research & Development Collaboration 

Converging Sound & Medicine.

Connect - Create.

You're a researcher, developer, artist, eager to

... embark on a venture in health care or brain health,
... develop solutions for deep relaxation, resilience & stress management,
... design a sound immersion event with extraordinary experiences, or
... looking for a multidisciplinary joint collaborator in other matters?

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Sonic Medicine 

Lived indigenous practice & 
modern sonic sciences


Immersive Sound made of unique sources - 
for Meditation, Healing and Therapeutic Purposes. 

Managing both Stress and Relaxation Response.

Modulating environmental perception and self-perception.

Sound pathways for brain health and personal resilience.
Our method is scientific evidence and medical evidence informed, while also sourcing from original ethnocultural evidence. 
We collaborate with official, high standard research institutes in Switzerland (currently in stealth mode).

Sound Meditation


Ancient sound technologies are transformative tools that guide the body and mind into deep relaxation, mental balance, and systemic homeostasis.
Deep listening and vibrational experience can reconnect us to unconscious levels of existence, and non-ordinary states of the human body. Through the processing of sound and vibration, we can set healing process in motion, for your body, mind, and eventually your spirit.

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Discovery Call   15min / Free

Enjoy a personal session at our atmospherical at our Asian-infused studio in Zurich, and receive a fully customized Sound Bath Meditation with one of the leading experts in the field of Sound, Meditation, and Medicine.


One-on-One | Sound Meditation
60min  / 
CHF 150,-   
90min  /  CHF 220,-

Group Sound Baths (at Yoga Studios or Events) are announced in the News section. If you like to plan a session at your institute/company./venue/event please contact us for an inquiry.

Further news

Global Health Advocacy - Sustainable Development

Since 2019 Dr. Lee has been professionally focusing onsustainable development  of healthcare through Global Health Advocacy. As an SDG3 expert at the World Health Innovation Summit, she worked on mandates for Pope Francis COVID-19 commission's Corona Perspectives team in 2020, 25+5 SDG Cities Leadership Platform at World Economic Forum Davos and World Urban Forum 11, Arts-for-SDGs projects with World Health Organization, and the Global Social Prescribing Alliance, among others. She is active in R&D investigating the impact of sonic/neuroacoustic interventions, a member of the UN-WHO Taskforce on #Space and Global Health UNOOSA, and in R&D for brain & mental health technologies. 

Eco-Awareness & Conscious Practice - Inner Development

We are dedicated to developing new insights into how the processing of sounds and music in the environment can influence our nervous system and different states of consciousness.

Acoustic and vibrational influences affect self-awareness and play a crucial role in our relationships with ecosystems. We relate to our environment through our senses and perception. Music can support self-awareness, inner development and the connection between inner and ecological awareness. Used in a resourceful way, music can also support our resilience and stress management.

Professional insights: overview of working in the performing arts 

The creative arts - music - have accompanied Miriam throughout her life. She has an extensive track record at the intersection of film music, pop-rock and classical music performance. Find out more about music projects, recordings, performance collectives and concerts.