Dr. Miriam Lee Burger, MD


Dr. Burger works at the intersection of global health, brain/mental/behavioural health, music, sensory processing - embedded in an experimentally driven R&D network.  As a Psychiatrist - Physician, Musician, Sonic Medicine Expert, Global Health Advocate, and Mental Health Tech Advisor, Dr. Lee Burger is a problem solver and on a mission to amplify human potential.  As an SDG 3 advocate for health innovation and sustainability at the World Health Innovation Summit she worked on mandates for  Pope Francis COVID-19 commission's team in 2020, UNGSII 25+5 SDG Cities Leadership Platform at World Economic Forum Davos and World Urban Forum 11, for Arts-for-SDGs projects with the World Health Organization, and  the Global Social Prescribing Alliance, among others.  Dr. Burger advises on Venture Capital Investments in Brain Health & Mental Health, with a focus on digital health and transformative technologies. She is a workgroup member of the 

Transformative Medicine, Brain, Mental & Behavioural Health.

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You are in your MD training? Or in the midst of your health profession career, looking for support in figuring out your themes, mindset, self-management, and personal career potential? 

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Indigenous Sound Medicine. 


  • 1:1  or  Group Setting  
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  • Experience Immersive Sound. 
  • Manage both Stress and Relaxation Response.
  • Modulate environmental perception and self-perception.
  • Sound pathways for brain health and personal resilience.

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Collaboration at the intersection of  Sound & Medicine.

Connect - Collaborate - Create.

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Eco-Awareness and Health - Inner Development Goals

Audible and vibrational inputs impact self-consciousness and play a critical role in our relationships with ecosystems. We relate to our environment through our senses and perception. Music can support self-consciousness, inner development, and link inner and environmental awareness. Applied in a resource-nourishing manner, music can also support us in resilience and stress management. 


Former career in music & arts

The creative arts - music - have accompanied Dr. Lee Burger throughout her life. She has an extensive track record at the intersection of film music, pop-rock and classical music performance. Find out more about music projects, recordings, performance collectives and concerts.

Sound & Health Course

In 2021, our 5 weeks Sound And Health course was in full swing! Since 2022 we offer Sound Bath Training & Mentoring  on a 1:1 basis (waiting list).

Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals

Since 2019 Dr. Lee Burger has been professionally supporting the Sustainable Development Goals #3 (Health) and #4  (Education)  As an SDG3 expert at the World Health Innovation Summit, she worked on mandates for Pope Francis COVID-19 commission's Corona Perspectives team in 2020, UNGSII, 25+5 SDG Cities Leadership Platform at World Economic Forum Davos and World Urban Forum 11, Arts-for-SDGs projects with World Health Organization, and the Global Social Prescribing Alliance, among others.