May 2020

"Corona Perspectives"

WHIS (World Health Innovation Summit)  consults together with the Dicastery for Integrativ HUman Development the Vatican State, as part of their Covid-19 Commission.

Grateful to be part of the WHIS Advisory team on the latest perspectives in their weekly Newsletter.

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Corona Perspectives (9. April - 29. June) 

April 2020

University Hospital Zurich CH 

Press release, April 20, 2020

Endothelial cell infection and endotheliitis in COVID-19

COVID-19 was considered to be a lung disease. Up until now, it has been unclear as to why patients are sustaining life-threatening organ failure in organs other than the lungs. An interdisciplinary team from University Hospital Zurich has now shown that SARS-CoV-2 directly elicits inflammation in blood vessels and that this can lead to organ failure and even death.

- COVID-19 is also a systemic endotheliitis

- Changes and SARS-COV-2 in every blood vessel

- Virus attacking the body’s own defense system

- Dual-pronged approach to save high-risk patients

January 2020

January started out fast and colorful: Absolute highlight was our U.N. SDG Frontrunners Meeting in Davos January 21.-24., where the #SDGs got a stage for new projects and perspectives. Meeting the Swiss Alternative Medicine Foundation in Geneva created new horizons for connection, health literacy, and this year's outlook. I'll be part of the 2nd International Conference on Mental Health by SAM - I will open the conference with a Gong Sound Bath & Meditation. Let's get us back aligned with ourselves. 

The world is now also watching the New Coronavirus 2019 emerging from mainland China. What will it bring?

November 2019

One of my greatest interests are microcosmic to macrocosmic implications of sound & frequencies, and seemingly unrelated systems that could hold explanations for sound phenomena. Understanding patterns and overarching principles has fascinated mankind at all times. 
However, if we want to find answers to our questions, we need languages of different disciplines - and so we eventually will understand, accept and implement the unknown into current knowledge. How far can we aspire to develop holistic perspectives? Are we going for a renaissance of polymath thinking? Can we widen education towards renaissance mindsets? So often Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci are being cited, transformed, depicted. Is it too poetic a thought? I don't think it is too early to dare. 

October 2019 

Eco over Ego

Health and wellbeing are a matter of thinking globally and acting locally. Performing Sound Tools & Therapeutic Gong has been an impactful and instant influence on my health and music path. The overarching perspective and quest I pursue are of holistic and universal nature. Which patterns interconnect all life, throughout life as we know it? Which systemic levels - obvious and less obvious - can we look for? Stretching out beyond the horizon - out of our box - is vital in building a future society; also, we need to get the Ego game down to flourish as a balanced and effective global community.  I believe communities are a driving force to envision a culture of reconnection, transformation, and conscious growth in education, health, and society. Tackling the global goals of wellbeing and societal development means understanding global dynamics from a holistic and transdisciplinary point of view.  

September  2019

The Global Goals for societal evolution

t's getting official... I am starting to work on the Sustainable  Development Goals #3 (Health) and #4  (Education) and joined as an Ambassador for the  World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS) the UNO Expert platform on SDG 3 for Health and Wellbeing. WHIS are partners with the UN Global Sustainability Index Institute whose mission is to assist and accelerate the SDG implementation process and ensure the world reaches its goal, at the latest by 2030.  As a preventative healthcare platform for over 7 billion people and empowers people to improve their health and wellbeing by facilitating community engagement.

  • Health For All 
  • UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Create new meaningful jobs 
  • Improve people’s health and wellbeing while supporting our health service 
  • Global project SDG Cities 25+5

The idea of the UN Global Sustainability Index Institute (UNGSII) supporting the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) springs from the belief shared by United Nations officials, senior business leaders, and NGOs that a transparent, academically driven index is needed to rank companies and countries on their sustainability practices. 

August 2019

Cities & mountains: Where the world meets up in Switzerland.

July 2019

Diving deep - Bali, Hong Kong, Bangkok.

June 2019

Traveling through French Polynesia to understand the oceanic Polynesian culture.

May 2019

Traveling on all Hawaiian Island to understand the Hawaiian-Polynesian story.

April 2019

Korea my mystic. A cultural immersion. My heart beats to two rhythms: East and West.

March 2019

Favourite city state Singapore, Sound Healing, and Hanami in Japan. 

February 2019

Thailand - a place filled with kindness and beauty despite tourism. Nomads gathering on the Islands.

January 2019

Connecting the dots in "Sound Therapy - Prevention, Management, Therapy"

December 2018

Discoveries in South East Asia - the Gong and its story. Burma and its fascinating monasteries.

November 2018

Winter in Southern Asia - after a summer on the US East Coast

October 2018

Switzerland current home - a country of power, places, natural wonders and dynamic gateways. 

September 2018

Italy - in the heart of Artistic Europe. Piedmont

August 2018

Along the US East Coast - investigating and reconnecting with Global Health Networks

July 2018

Boston and the US East Coast - Global Health at Harvard University, and other accelerators from the Ivy League. 

June 2018

East Asia and Polynesia, finding historical and cultural roots. 

May 2018

Hawaii - how much is America, how much is Polynesian?

April 2018

China: Shanghai and its industrial history. Gongs in China. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Philosophy.

March 2018

Sri Lanka, Ayurveda, Yoga, and where the British and Indians shared history. 

Why Ayurveda is relevant for modern times. 

Sound & Frequency Work

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