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Willkommen bei 
Dr. Miriam Burger

Welcome to Sound And Health

My name is Dr. Miriam Burger. As a physician and professional musician, I work with sounds and music to support your health and well-being. With cutting-edge knowledge of creative arts, sound and health, and a unique variety of services, we at Sound And Health meet you at the crossroads of art and science.

Sound  Healing 

Imagine supporting your mind and health with psycho-acoustic and vibro-acoustic sound, to foster your innate self-healing properties.

This work combines ancient sound arts, integrative health, and the latest research from music therapy and neuroscience. Embedded in a high profile academic + practicing network from Mind-Body Medicine and Global Health (WHIS, WHO, GSPA, Harvard, and others).





Imagine you support your mind and body with soothing and energizing sounds and the power of music. 

You foster your innate self-healing properties. 

With sound. Music. Healing holistically. 

Transformative Personal Coaching
Brainwave  Entrainment
Sound Art Immersions
Stress Management
Conscious Practices
Sound Meditation
Sound Baths

Sound Meditation

Ancient sound technologies are transformative tools that guide your body and mind into deep relaxation, mental balance, and systemic homeostasis.

Deep and vibrational listening reconnects you through the embodied experience of sound and vibration, allowing your body, mind, and spirit to regain balance and harmony.  FURTHER INFORMATION


One-on-One | Sound Meditation
Enjoy our Bali-infused studio and receive a full one-on-one sound meditation.
60min  /  CHF 160,-   
90min  /  CHF 240,-

Discovery Call (Beratung)   
15min / Free


Sound Journeys

Sound Journeys are like sound baths with a narrative. Sound Journeys support your psyche, soul and biofield and allow you to reconnect with your feelings, release energetic blockages and free your mind from stress. It is a true time out from the daily grind. The journey can be fully or partially guided, as a visual journey or deep listening session that I guide you through. 

Embark on a journey into your consciousness while relaxing in a safe space. You will be immersed in a world where space and time expand. The sessions take place in a protected and relaxed environment, lying down, comfortably wrapped in blankets and wearing an eye mask. You will hear different sounds while the journey takes place. 

Gongs, singing bowls and other instruments used in a sound journey are transformative vibroacoustic tools that guide your body and mind into deep relaxation, physiological homeostasis and cellular regeneration. This process supports your psyche, soul and biofield to reconnect with your inner world, release energetic blockages and give your body, mind and spirit a chance to come back into balance and harmony.

A professional Sound Journey immerses you in a wide range of sounds that put your brain into restful, meditative frequencies. Your brain enters a deep state of coherence that leads to restorative reordering and creative inspiration. 

On a physiological level, your body benefits from various sound-related effects. Your cells receive physical impulses, while your autonomic nervous system undergoes profound reprogramming. These physiological effects influence your inner journey on a deeper level.

Before the session, your health and psychological suitability will be assessed.

Transformative  Mentorship


* Healthcare experts
* Wellness experts 
* Musicians interested in healthcare & wellbeing

Are you a healthcare or wellness professional, in training, or a wellbeing professional? Are you a musician wondering about the healing power of sound and music? Have you wondered if you are on the right track professionally or personally? Have you thought about getting support to figure out what the right next step is? Would you like to improve and change your mindset and management to regain your big picture, and mission and reach your full career potential?  FURTHER INFORMATION


Mentoring   60min / CHF 170,-   
Initial consultation   
80min / CHF 190,- 
Discovery Call   15min / Free

You can book a free 15min call, a ONE-on-ONE session, and also packages over a longer period of time. Package prices apply at 5 and more consultations (please feel free to ask for details).  FURTHER INFORMATION

Integrative Sound Medicine / Sound Healing 2.0

* for healthcare staff, wellbeing entrepreneurs, life coaches, musicians, and anyone interested in sound and energy work

  • You want to learn more about the science, theory and practical application of sound meditation from an experienced physician, musician and mentor who teaches and practices and combines sound, meditation and health coaching?

  • Wellness music and sounds can be combined with most therapies and wellness methods and are especially beneficial for managing chi, prana, kundalini, brain health, stress reduction, relaxation, burnout prevention, and more.


About Miriam

Miriam is a medical doctor, Ayurvedic coach, musician, sound artist and sound therapist. She works on integrating transformative and creative methods for health and education - with her main expertise in SOUND MEDICINE & MUSIC MEDICINE.
This implies cross-sectoral work in music and health as well as sound and science and their role in your self-healing.
Miriam has an excellent network and a wealth of experience at your disposal.

Miriam also advocates for innovative creative methods on a regional and international level - by participating in cross-city projects for sustainability. As an SDG3 expert, she works on projects with WHIS, the UN, WHO, the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development (DPIHD) and others.

Read more about Dr. Miriam Burger's medical & academic resume:

Get an impression of Sound Medicine - in the press:

Enjoy the exciting world of Sound And Medicine in these selected press articles. 
You can find Dr. Miriam's further research on Global Health & Mental Health here, too.

Visit the Sound And Health Studio:

We offer one-on-one SOUND MEDITATION & HEALING Sessions at the Sound And Health Studio. The studio also offers a calm and quiet garden, for a tea and time-out before or after your session.  Located in central Zurich, easy to access by foot, public transport, and by car:

By tram:
10min from Zurich`s main station. Take the TRAM No. 7 or No. 14 , get off at station Guggachstrasse - from here it's a 5 min walk to the studio.
20min from Zurich Airport: take the TRAM no. 10, get off at station Milchbuck, from here it's a 5 min walk.

By car:
5 min from exit "University Irchel"/Route 1  expressway/ A1L highway.

V i s i o n

Sounds and music as part of a holistic approach to health and prevention:Since the dawn of mankind, sounds from various contexts and musical genres have helped countless people achieve a harmonious synergy of mind, spirit and body. This is strongly reflected in Asian philosophies and spirituality. The role of sound, music and art in promoting innate self-healing powers is central to Miriam's work. New applications are an intrinsic inspiration for Miriam. 

Learn more about sound meditation and its effects here:

Sound and Frequency - E v e n t s

Stay up to date with Sound And Health's ongoing events and concerts. Virtually and in person. Get an idea of what's happening on our side!

Sound Meditation Course / Integrative Sound Medicine - for Health & Wellness Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Corporate & Individual

In March 2021, our Beginners Course in Sound Healing (Basics in Sound Healing) was in full swing! We look forward to offering you Sound Medicine & Sound Meditation Courses in person and online AGAIN. Bear with us - we will keep you posted! 

Music for sustainability & The Global Goals

Since 2019 Dr. Miriam Burger has been supporting the Sustainable Development Goals #3 (Health) and #4  (Education)  Her engagements include: presented sound meditation at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos in 2020, ongoing collaboration with gong masters from Southeast Asia, Miriam was part of the Vatican support team for the World Health Innovation Summit in COVID-19 matters  & has supported the UN Arts-for-SDGs projects led by WHO & WHIS. Currently she focuses on teaching of Sound in Health & Wellbeing.

Former career in music & arts

The joy of creative arts, especially music, has accompanied her throughout her life. Miriam has a remarkable track record in the creative arts, especially in the field of musical performance.

We grow with Sound Science

„Modern physics has taught us that the nature of any system cannot be discovered by dividing it into its component parts and studying each part by itself... We must keep our attention fixed on the whole and on the interconnection between the parts. The same is true of our intellectual life. The whole is never equal simply to the sum of its various parts." 

- Max Planck

Transformative Coaching & Mentoring 

For health care professionals.
For wellness professionals.
For musicians who want to expand into healthcare & wellbeing.

  • You are a health or wellness expert, or a musician interested in healthcare and expanding your career? 
  • You have been repeatedly thinking about mentoring and external support in your career? 
  • Overwhelmed by the options out there, or simply not sure where to start?
  • You got many new ideas and just don't know how to continue?


  • You're exhausted by the current developments, the pandemic, and the pressure in job life, and want to change your course? 
  • You want to improve and transform your performance and feel vital again, in control of your life, and live up to your full personal spectrum and talent and you want a high-level coach with medical training? 
  • You thought about getting support to figure out what is the best next step? 
  • Maybe you wonder if you are on the right track professionally - but you cannot point out what's wrong? 

Yes,  yes, and YES?

  • I offer 1 on 1 Mentoring - embedded in a science-art career,  groundbreaking spiritual wisdom, and extensive knowledge to understand our environment and transform our access to deeper aspects of the self. 
  • My method is based on mind-body medicine, sound & vibrational medicine, coaching concepts and science.  I will work with you and your unique personality, your individual process,  your professional background and development, and your goals.
  • With years of experience in healthcare, clinical medicine, coaching, mental health, mind-body medicine, music & arts, global health and a rich and successful track record in diverse health- and arts-related professions I will support you in the best possible way. 


60min / CHF 170,-   
Initial consultation
80min / CHF 190,- 
Discovery Call
15min / Free

You can book a free 15min call, a ONE-on-ONE session, and also packages over a longer period of time.

Package prices apply at 5 and more consultations (please feel free to ask for package details!). 


All press articles and media contents are copyrighted material.
It is prohibited to copy or duplicate it without the agreement of the author Dr. Miriam Burger MD or the respective author/originator.

For inquiries and marketing purposes please contact [email protected] 

World Health Innovation Summit 


The end of Globalization 2.0 leads to boosting SDGs

May 2022 

Read the FULL TEXT here 

It was the 3rd year for the World Health Innovation Summit at the SDG Lab in Davos and it's been another brilliant experience with like-minded individuals working to deliver United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We had daily LIVE streams from our lab and they are all now available here:

The Press release from the event:

WHIS'/UNGSII's SDG3 Health Hub in Brasov will be one of our key deliverables in 2022 and we'll be soon back in Davos from 16th - 19th January 2023 with an update on our progress.

#SDGCities #WEF #SDGs #Davos #ImpactInvestment #UNGSII #WHIS #switzerland #covid19research #economy #SDGs #healthcare #publichealth #globalhealth #decentralization #government #COVID19 #privatepublic #collaboration 

First Authorship
Future Strategic Priorities of the Swiss Decentralized Healthcare System: A COVID-19 Case Study

Peer-reviewed article / Institute of Global Health, Geneva 

Read the full text here

In this article, my research team and I draw on three distinct areas of analysis of the current functioning of the Swiss healthcare system to examine its strengths and weaknesses, which can serve as a basis for future considerations and strategic priorities. It includes an analysis of quantitative data, insights from healthcare stakeholders, information from policy documents, and news agency publications.

This publication is part of my work at the Institute of Global Health at Campus Biotech, Université de Genève, as a global series of Covid-19 case studies to be the subject of future discussions on pandemic management.

#switzerland #covid19research #economy #federalism #healthcare #publichealth #globalhealth #decentralization #government #COVID19 #privatepublic #collaboration

Interview with the World Health Innovation Summit CIC (UK):

Sound & Healing

March/Aug. 2021. 

The World Health Innovation Summit met Dr. Miriam Burger to learn more about sound therapy, music, and meditation for health, prevention, and the Sustainable Development Goals. The Magazin WHIS Inspire shares a 4 pages long article on:
- the power of sound and consciousness,
- sound & healing for the body, mind, and soul, 
- the gong and other healing instruments
- the role of Sound Medicine for medical training.

Read about
- Sound Meditation and
- music for health, everyday life, and the future of wellbeing


#soundandhealth #musicmedicine #soundmedicine #soundhealing #healthcare #publichealth #globalhealth #musictherapy #gongbath #soundbath #futurehealthcare #COVID19 #brainhealth #mentalhealth

 The World Health Innovation Summit is an UN-collaborating preventative healthcare platform for over 7 billion people and empowers people to improve their health and wellbeing by facilitating community engagement.  

Interview with Dr. Janna Scharfenberg, ROOTS Magazine: 

Ayurveda and Sound Meditation

May 2021. 

Dr. Janna Scharfenberg's ROOTS Magazine on Ayurveda Medicine invited Dr. Miriam Burger (Eicher) to talk about how sounds, music, and Ayurveda combine their effects on health and wellbeing.

Click at the article (page 6):

Miriam talks about  how vedic knowledge is innately connected with sound and music. 

New Podcast Episode with the 
TRANSFORM MEDICINE Association (in German):

Dare to be different! 

Sept. 2021.

Dr. Janna Scharfenberg invited Dr. Miriam Burger and Dr. Katharina Böhm to talk about their paths in Medicine, how they became health entrepreneurs and their visions of person-centered future health care.

Dr. Miriam talks at minutes 29 - 40.

Click at the photo:

The Transform Medicine Association aspires to transform the individual, medical and systemic levels of health. (Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer) 

Expert Talk on:

Creative Arts & Health
for the Global Goals  

Sept 2020.

WHIS Expert Talks. Gareth Presch meets Dr. Miriam Burger and Dr. Beat Stoll to discuss the Creative Arts & Health and how we can bring them in for SDGs:

  • Dr. Beat Stoll, Global Health Institute, University of Geneva
  • Dr. Miriam Burger, Sound & Health, SDG3/WHIS
  • Gareth Presch, CEO World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS)

Click the teaser:

Watch on Facebook by clicking on the photo above. Watch on Youtube below:

Improving Mental Health
With the Arts, and Music
The Global Goals 2030

Since 2019 Miriam has been working for the Sustainable Development Goals #3 (Health) and #4  (Education) - in particular with The World Health Innovation Summit, an Expert platform on SDG 3 for Health and Wellbeing working closely with the UNGSII Foundation.
WHIS is a preventative healthcare platform for over 7 billion people and empowers people to improve their health and wellbeing by facilitating community engagement. Our goals are:

Health For All
Create new meaningful jobs
Improve people’s health and wellbeing while supporting our health service
UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)
Global development project for SDG Cities 25+5
Learn more about #WHIS here.

WHIS are partners with the UNGSII Foundation whose mission is to assist and accelerate the SDG implementation process and ensure the world reaches its goal, at the latest by 2030.
THE U.N.G.S.I.I. FOUNDATION:  The idea of the Global Sustainability Index Institute (UNGSII) supporting the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) springs from the belief shared by United Nations officials, senior business leaders, and NGOs that a transparent, academically driven index is needed to rank companies and countries on their sustainability practices. If you like to learn more about #UNGSII, click here.

Photo below: WHIS Team, participating at the World Economic Forum, WEF - Sustainable Development Goals Conference by the U.N. SDG Champions Platform (2020)

World Health Innovation Summit at World Economic Forum

The globally acting healthcare innovation platform for smart city solutions

SDG #3 - Good Health for all

True abundance comes from connection. The inspiring 2018 Global Health Delivery Intensive Program at Harvard University climaxed 10 years of a growing network by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Medical School, in an effort to create an interdisciplinary skill set that will improve how we build health care. Miriam has been profoundly impressed by the determination and mutual understanding that they as a group of over 27 nationalities shared.
This network offers committed leaders who have been changing our health delivery systems, with a dedication that is of rare humanistic nature - among them representatives of Partners in Health, Seed Global Health, Abundance Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and many more. As a global citizen, she feels inspired to be part of this growing network that is creating brighter and sustainable healthcare. From a futurist perspective, Global Health is groundwork for health systems that we will continue not only on our planet Earth.

Photo below: Certification at the 2018 Class of Global Health Delivery Intensive Program,  Harvard University, Cambridge/Boston, USA


16 Januar 2022, 18:00 ― 20:00
Preis: CHF 65.–

In person, ZÜRICH

Divya Yoga and Sound And Health.

Bewegung, Atmung und Klangerfahrung stehen in diesem Workshop im Mittelpunkt.
Wir werden durch den Körper und die Asana- und Pranayama-Praxis in das tief entspannende Klangbad eintauchen. Wir werden eine kraftvolle Kombination schaffen, um Körper, Geist und Seele zu regenerieren und auszugleichen und Stress abzubauen.
Ein Klangbad ist eine zutiefst erholsame und regenerierende Entspannungsmethode
mit Gongs, Klangschalen, Trommeln und anderen Instrumenten. Es kombiniert die Vorteile von sanften Klängen und liegender Meditation, um das Nervensystem zu stärken und das innere Gleichgewicht wiederherzustellen.

Kursvoraussetzungen: keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich, gültiges Covid-Zertifikat. Die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt.

Frühbucherpreis: CHF 55.- für Anmeldungen bis 10.12.2021
Regulärer Preis: CHF 65.-

Weitere Information
Anmeldung: Séverine Telley,  [email protected]

Folge uns auf Instagram: @divya_yoga_zurich

Kurs-Leiterin: Severine Telley

Severine ist die Gründerin von Divya Yoga in Zürich. Ihr Ziel ist es, Menschen dabei zu unterstützen, ihren Körper, ihren Geist und ihre Seele dank Yoga besser kennenzulernen, damit sie wachsen, ihr volles Potenzial entfalten und gesund und strahlend durch die Welt gehen können. Severine ist Mitglied der SWISS YOGA ASSOCIATION, von den Krankenkassen anerkannt*.
* Ob Krankenkassen einen Anteil an den Yogakursen bezahlen, ist zusätzlich von der Krankenkasse und der Versicherungspolice abhängig.

Kurs-Leiterin: Dr. Miriam Burger

Miriam bietet eine Plattform und einen Bezugspunkt für Klang, Musik, Prävention und gesunden Lebensstil. Sie strebt danach, eine Kultur der Gemeinschaft, der Transformation und des bewussten Wachstums zu schaffen, um Wohlbefinden und Entwicklung in einer zunehmend komplexen Welt und Gesellschaft zu fördern. Als professionelle Musikerin und Klangkünstlerin hat sie in den letzten 17 Jahren in der Kreativbranche an verschiedenen internationalen Projekten gearbeitet. Als Ärztin hatte sie das Privileg, in Wien und Zürich klinisch in den Bereichen Schmerztherapie, Psychiatrie und öffentliches Gesundheitswesen zu arbeiten, mit Schwerpunkt auf psychischer Gesundheit, Mind-Body-Medizin, globaler Gesundheit und Klangmedizin.


~Machen Sie Ihren Liebsten ein außergewöhnliches Geschenk und bestellen Sie dieses Event als Gutschein! Wir versenden ihn weihnachtlich verpackt und auf Wunsch auch personalisiert an Ihre Adresse* oder an Ihre E-Mail-Adresse ~ 

* Physische Lieferung für Buchungen bis einschließlich 20. Dezember.

Sound & Health Newsletter

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Dear Website Visitors,

It has come to our attention that the brand and names
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